1-5 kilometer multi-spectral target recognition and tracking servo platform


multispectral imaging: combines multispectral imaging with ultra-long focal length, full automatic zoom and focus, optical defogging for long-range target imaging.

maximum detection range: visible light maximum detection distance: 5000 meters (reference target: 35x35 cm uav). thermal imaging (non-cooled) maximum detection distance: 2000 meters (reference target: 35x35 cm uav).

far-distance low-altitude target classification and recognition: full-screen automatic discovery, locking, and tracking of distant low-altitude targets.effective and reliable tracking even in complex backgrounds, high maneuverability, and multi-target interference scenarios.

integration with third-party systems:supports integration with third-party radar and spectrum detection systems for multi-party collaborative operations.

combined surveillance and attack design:integrates surveillance and attack capabilities, covering mainstream uav frequency bands, supporting directional interference in multiple frequency bands.

unmanned operation:unmanned operation for 24/7 continuous automatic defense operations.full process logging during operation.

protocol compatibility:compatible with onvif and gb/t28181 protocols, allowing remote access to higher-level command centers.

this system offers advanced capabilities for detecting, tracking, and countering distant low-altitude targets, including uavs. it combines multispectral imaging, long-range detection, and automatic target classification to provide reliable and effective defense in various operational scenarios.