multispectral imaging:multispectral imaging with an ultra-long focal length visible light core and a cooled thermal imaging detector, both encoded and transmitted in the same soc (system on chip).

autofocus for dual spectral images:automatic focus for both visible light and thermal images.optical defogging integrated with visible light imaging.

intelligent applications:edge computing and deep learning algorithms.supports target detection, recognition, and tracking.

target classification and recognition: recognizes over 80 categories of targets including humans, vehicles, ships, animals, etc.similarity ratio-based identification.  

optional multi-sensor integration: sensor alarms, voice intercom, environmental parameters, power management, etc.

open architecture:compatible with various systems such as radar guidance, ais, spectrum detection, tdoa, etc.

accurate azimuth and field of view feedback: precise azimuth and field of view feedback for physical positioning of moving targets like drones, vehicles, and ships.

single or dual ip output:supports various protocols and connects to different types of nvrs, ipsans, and management platforms.

rugged design:rugged structure design with gyroscopic stabilization.wind resistance up to level 15, suitable for harsh environments.

applications:covers a wide range of industry applications, including tracking small, slow-moving targets up to 1-5 kilometers in the air, and typical targets on land or sea up to 1-15 kilometers away, such as humans, vehicles, and ships.